Sunday, August 9, 2020

Our values in action

I am a member of the Lenawee County Democratic Party (Facebook Page) and proud to be so. Having joined this group of like minded community members dedicated to helping people and to serving our community has allowed me to take part in many rewarding activities. As an example, beginning in October of 2019 the Lenawee County Democratic Party began providing a monthly meal at the Share the Warmth shelter located in the old Salvation Army building in the City of Adrian. We call them #FirstThurdays. Share the Warmth of Lenawee provides organizations and individuals an opportunity to serve our community. This past week, Thursday, August 6th, marked our 11th time providing dinner to residents.

Three people stand before food on a cart in front of signs for the shelter. One man hold food.
Lenawee County Democrats deliver food

Living our values is a big part of the Lenawee County Democratic Party. Whether it's providing a much needed hot meal to our homeless neighbors, like we did this past Thursday, cleaning up the environment like we do with the Michigan Adopt-a-Highway program, or working and protesting for justice and equality; our members are working hard to make Lenawee County a better place to live for everyone.

I'm asking you to join us. Help us work to serve our community. Fight beside us for expanded representation of core liberal Democratic values in our government. We can  defeat the conservative Republican assault on our Republic's aspirational foundational principles. Join the Michigan Democratic Party, today, and get in the fight!

Winning big this coming November up and down the ticket is going to be a team effort. I need your help in my race for Lenawee County Commissioner. Help send a clear message and bring a much needed progressive perspective to county government. I'm asking for donations for my campaign. Let's take the fight to conservative Republicans and win big this November.

Forward! Together!