Sunday, April 26, 2020

Who am I and why am I running?

What is the County Board of Commissioners? Who am I and why am I running for County Board of Commissioners? These would be the questions you might be asking yourself. Or, if you’re like me much of these past 40 years, maybe not. This is the heart of the crisis we face: citizen disengagement.

Citizen disengagement is something which we see impacting all levels of government. Citizen disengagement is a significant barrier to a high functioning and competent government. Government is supposed to represent all of us: We The People. How can it do that if we aren’t involved? Knowing the issues, understanding the how of our representative government, being involved and engaged...these are duties which we, myself included, have largely ignored for two generations.

We, as a people, have been told that we shouldn't defend our values and principles. That we shouldn’t make others feel uncomfortable by fighting for what we know to be right. Truth, justice and the American way means being willing to stand up and speak uncomfortable truths and challenging those that would attack those principles. Partisan progressive politics is principled politics.

Democrats are fighting for the everyday working people of this country.

Democrats are defending and protecting the environment.

Democrats are fighting to protect and support American families.

I am a Democrat and I am proud of it.