Sunday, October 16, 2022

Beautiful fall day for talking about priorities

What an absolutely stunningly beautiful day in the City of Tecumseh . We won't get many more days like this before the snow flies. It was encouraging meeting and speaking with voters who are seeking a change in the direction and reputation of Lenawee County government. Voters know that they have an option this November 8th when it comes to the Lenawee County Board of Commission. Openness, transparency, and government which serves the people are Bill Swift for Lenawee 's top priorities. Together with your vote, we can make these priorities a reality.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Together we can change the reputation of Lenawee County government

The reputation of Lenawee County government flows from its political leadership. As the chair of the Lenawee County Commission, my opponent has consistently breached the code of ethics while representing Tecumseh and Tecumseh Township. By voting on the budget for the courts where his law firm does its principle business my opponent undermines public trust in the County Commission. Most recently, my opponent used the much trumpeted Project Phoenix as an opportunity to benefit his own financial interests while putting the tax payers of Lenawee County on the hook for substantial future liabilities. We the people of Lenawee County deserve open and transparent government which represents our interests. We can do better. With your vote this November 8th we can change the reputation of Lenawee County government and ensure that we the people's interests come first.