The Problem with Local Media

The problem with local media is twofold. First, regardless of perception, local media is conservative in character and in its reporting and in its opinion. This applies to the Adrian Daily Telegram, the Tecumseh Herald, and WLEN radio. Second, local media is about individual personalities. These people have their own political views and biases and these also tend to be very conservative. In addition, as in the case of the Tecumseh Herald, individuals dominate the media landscape within their community. Anyone who has been through the saga of seven school superintendents within Tecumseh Public Schools knows and understand the impact that a single individual can have on how a story is reported to the public.

Why is it even important to mention this? Significant issues that impact the public trust simply aren't being reported to the public. Significant ethical concerns raised by behavior of our elected officials should be widely reported and that information made available to the public. The fourth estate is often highlighted as a key defender of the Republic and of sound government. Honest and ethical reporting of the facts to the public is necessary for the defense of that Republic. In many respects that isn't occurring here locally.

That's why it is vitally important that we speak with our neighbors individually and let them know that these things are occurring. Contact your local newspaper or your radio news outlet and let them know that you're dissatisfied with the bias in their reporting and the lack of local coverage of these very important issues.