Sunday, October 16, 2022

Beautiful fall day for talking about priorities

What an absolutely stunningly beautiful day in the City of Tecumseh . We won't get many more days like this before the snow flies. It was encouraging meeting and speaking with voters who are seeking a change in the direction and reputation of Lenawee County government. Voters know that they have an option this November 8th when it comes to the Lenawee County Board of Commission. Openness, transparency, and government which serves the people are Bill Swift for Lenawee 's top priorities. Together with your vote, we can make these priorities a reality.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Together we can change the reputation of Lenawee County government

The reputation of Lenawee County government flows from its political leadership. As the chair of the Lenawee County Commission, my opponent has consistently breached the code of ethics while representing Tecumseh and Tecumseh Township. By voting on the budget for the courts where his law firm does its principle business my opponent undermines public trust in the County Commission. Most recently, my opponent used the much trumpeted Project Phoenix as an opportunity to benefit his own financial interests while putting the tax payers of Lenawee County on the hook for substantial future liabilities. We the people of Lenawee County deserve open and transparent government which represents our interests. We can do better. With your vote this November 8th we can change the reputation of Lenawee County government and ensure that we the people's interests come first.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Tecumseh history linked to Lenawee County agricultural

Had a great time exploring the Farmers Antique Tractor and Engine Association Fall 2022 show. Brought back some great memories of farm life growing up and working in rural Michigan.

Farmers are essential and the critical role they play in American life is indisputable. Tecumseh has a rich agricultural tradition and Lenawee County is an agricultural county. I look forward to listening to, hearing the concerns of, and, most importantly, serving this vitally important constituency.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Friday Door Knocker Fun

Another great evening knocking doors in Tecumseh and meeting and speaking with voters. Getting to hear your concerns and fielding your questions has been very enlightening and highly enjoyable. I'm looking forward to representing you, my neighbors, on the county commission. Integrity and transparency are my commitments to the constituents of Tecumseh and Tecumseh Township.


Monday, September 12, 2022

First door knocking of the campaign

Really enjoyed my first door knocking canvas of the year as the Lenawee County Democratic Party nominee for County Commissioner here in the City of Tecumseh  and Tecumseh Township.

The response at the doors was amazing and I was able to get a number of signs planted for Governor Gretchen Whitmer , Bart Goldberg for US Congress, Michigan's 5th District , and for my own campaign. Thank you to all those that support our campaigns, we cannot do it without you!  Forward! Together!

Monday, September 5, 2022

Morenci Silver Creek Bridge Walk

I was happy to participate in the 28th annual Morenci Silver Creek Bridge Walk. We can and we will change the reputation of county government here in Lenawee County . Those that represent us must fulfill their oaths of office in an ethical and transparent manner. It is simply unacceptable that the representative of people of Tecumseh and Tecumseh Township on the County Commission would knowingly place himself in the position being seen to line his own pockets at the taxpayers expense. Despite my opponent's, many protests, ethical rules and guidelines exist so that this appearance can be avoided. Consistently voting on the budget for the courts where his law firm conducts its principal business and voting on the purchase of property by the county for a project from which one hopes to profit are serious ethical lapses. The people can't see into an elected representatives heart and determine what motivates them. Avoiding the appearance of impropriety helps to ensure in the minds of the public that the motive is to consistently and properly and to the best of one's ability represent the interests of the people represented. It a simple idea and one which is worth defending. Join me in this fight on with your vote in the upcoming November 8th general election.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Remembering and honoring the fallen


Remembering and honoring the fallen this day. This is my great uncle Calvin. My maternal grandfather's brother. He was just a kid. He was ripped from his family and thrown halfway across the world onto the shores of a fascist dominated Europe. He never came home. In the early winter of 1944 an insane megalomaniac, in a desperate attempt to hold off the inevitable fall of his twisted evil empire, ordered a last ditch attack which became known in history as the Battle of the Bulge. My great uncle's unit, the 75th Infantry Division, was just off the boat and most of the men didn't know their behinds from their elbows. They had been sent to the region because it was thought fairly safe and unlikely to be involved in any immediate action. Instead, these young men, most of them really just boys off the farm, found themselves in one of the most deadly and destructive battles of World War II. So many times, I've listened at weddings and family reunions of other families to the stories of veterans who came home, more than a few who were in this battle. This I know from these now long deceased men, bravery is something unwanted which is thrust upon scared and maybe even terrified human beings. We know that ourselves all too well from recent events in Texas. Honoring these fallen patriots who have given all, today, is the least we can do. We need and we must do more to honor their sacrifice. We must be brave, even though we are scared, and we must be moved to action to defend the Republic from the rise of fascism which is ongoing currently in our country. If you be a true patriot and love the ideals that we once trumpeted to the nations, you must unite and be brave.