Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Living our values

I'm a proud member of the Lenawee County Democratic Party (Facebook Page). Joining a group of like minded community members dedicated to helping people and to serving our community has really been fun and rewarding. Not too long ago, the Lenawee County Democratic Party petitioned to adopt a section of U.S. 223, south of Onsted between the City of Adrian and Manitou Beach-Devils Lake. 
Map of the Lenawee County Democratic Party's Adopt-a-Highway Section of US-223

Michigan's Adopt-a-Highway program provides organizations an opportunity to serve and beautify their communities while relieving the state budget from providing for those services. I had a great time this Sunday sweating and swearing with my fellow Lenawee County Democratic Party members as we cleaned up plastic bags, exploded foam coolers, bottles, cans, fast food cups, paper bags, cigarette butts, wrappers, parts of steel-belted tires, lug nut covers, a large plastic sign, and, finally, some curious and important looking automotive related parts.
Candidate for County Board of Commissioners Bill Swift squats painfully for photo with Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Senator Gary Peters Buttons. Too many political bumper stickers on display.
This was the most painful squat in my life
Living our values is a big part of the Lenawee County Democratic Party. Whether it's cleaning up the environment, like we did this past Sunday, helping to provide a hot meal to our homeless neighbors, like we do at Share the Warmth the first Thursday of every month, or working and protesting for justice and equality; our members are working hard to make Lenawee County a better place to live for everyone.

We'd like you to think about joining us. We'd like you to join us as we work to serve our community. We'd like you to join us as we work to fight for expanded representation of  progressive values in county, state, and national government. You can make a difference and push back against the conservative Republican assault on our Republic's aspirational foundational principles. Join the Michigan Democratic Party, today, and get in the fight!

Victory in our candidate's electoral efforts, such as my race for County Commissioner, will help bring a much needed progressive perspective to county, state and national government. However, I simply can't do it without your help. I'm asking for donations of time, energy, effort, and/or money. If you are interested in helping me win this November shoot me an email and join the team.

Forward! Together! 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Revolutionary Spirit

We hold that these truths are self-evident: that all are created equal, with equal protection under the law, with equal standing before the law, with an equal chance at happiness. These high ideals shook the world to its very foundations over 240 years ago. Freedom to speak. Freedom to report the truth to the people. Freedom to protest, Freedom to assemble. Freedom to seek redress of grievances. Freedom to demand justice. These ideals of our nation have been continually consecrated by the blood, sweat, and tears offered by the American people from generation to generation.

Who are these patriots who every generation arise to take up the banner of justice and freedom? The labor unionist, the journalists, the civil rights activists. Ordinary everyday citizens. Where is their battlefield? Hear the gunfire in the Colorado mining fields and feel the explosion in Haymarket Square. See the dogs of war unleashed in Birmingham. Feel the tramp of feet as the solemn marchers breach the racist heart of Selma.

Hear these echoes of the revolution. Hear them and remember. Hear them call for justice. Hear them call for equality. Hear them call for freedom.

Feel the spirit of the revolution in the air. Smell the tear gas in Lafayette Park. Hear the sirens and rubber bullets in our cities. See our people joined in a bloody battle in our streets for equality. For justice. For freedom. Pledge to each other your lives, your fortunes, and your sacred honor. Remember the revolution. Rekindle it in your hearts.

Forward. Together.