The Problem with David

The main concern is the ethical challenge. Unfortunately professionally and as our representative, David has consistently struggled in this area.

Professionally, David had his law license suspended for 30 days for taking advantage of a mentally ill woman going through a divorce. Yes, you read that right. According to the available information, David represented to a couple that he could represent both of them equally in a divorce proceeding. The husband came to David after the initial consultation and explained that his wife was not in a position to sign documents or to make legal agreements because of mental competency issues. Within the week, David went to where the wife was residing and attempted to get her to sign legally binding divorce documents.

As our representative in county government, David has always unethically voted on the budget of the courts wherein he and his legal associates do their principal work. This is behavior that is categorically prohibited by the ethical guidelines and standards outlined by the State of Michigan and by the county, but which David has habitually and perpetually ignored. The proper course of action for a representative in David's position is recusal and abstention during the voting process.

Most recently as our representative, David has unethically voted on the purchase of real property by the county in an attempt to advantage himself economically. Project Phoenix transformed itself from a business opportunity for an individual looking to do business in Tecumseh for his sports medicine manufacturing business into a money grab for a wealthy county commissioner at the taxpayer's expense. Not only did David purchase property near the site where project Phoenix was to be built, he submitted paperwork with the federal government explicitly stating that $19 million of investment capital that he controlled would be contingent upon this project's approval by the county.

David has been Tecumseh Township's and the City of Tecumseh representative in county government for nearly 18 years. For the majority of that time David has been the chair of the County commission. I think it's fair to argue that insofar as Lenawee County government has a reputation. David Stimson is the primary author of that reputation.

Does Lenawee County have a good reputation when it comes to its county government?