Saturday, May 9, 2020

Democrats Challenging!

It has been a busy week for Democrats seeking seats on the Lenawee County Board of Commission.

The Daily Telegram

The Adrian Daily Telegram's coverage of Juanita Kelly's and my own campaigns generated quite a bit of discussion on-line. A very fair write-up by Dmitriy Shapiro.

Juanita Kelley for County Commissioner District 6 and I hope to provide a progressive perspective to the Lenawee County Board. Lifting up the voices of the unheard. Asking the questions not being asked. Restoring honesty, integrity, and justice. Lenawee County deserves better.

The Tecumseh Herald

The coverage of The Tecumseh Herald couldn't have been better. They published my campaign announcement Press Release verbatim. Imagine that? The ability to communicate directly with your constituents without any filter. I must say, I think that Publisher James Lincoln's willingness to do so is just capital. Thank you, sir!